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The Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan is home to more than 160,000 people - 75% of them are women and children. Meet the youngest generation affected by the crisis, then share a photo on Twitter and Facebook.



Many children have been living in Zaatari for months now. Getting back in the classroom among their peers is a welcomed comfort.

Mahmoud and Ammar love being back in school, and nutritious date bars from WFP are helping them jump to the top of the class.

Um Kalthoum is only in the 1st grade, but her teacher says she's bright enough to be in 3rd. Together, we can help keep her future bright.

Roaa and Rimas are learning to read in both English and Arabic. It's not easy, but WFP snacks help give them the energy they need.

Mohamed wants to be a builder like his uncle when he grows up. He's happy to be back in school after fleeing Syria with his family.

Life in Zaatari isn't easy, but at school kids are making new friends, learning new things, and sharing a few laughs along the way.



You can help WFP provide nutritious food for these
and other Syrian students in Zaatari Refugee Camp.