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Giving women the power to make choices over their lives is a key step towards a world with zero hunger. Here are three examples of women - or future women - who, are getting that power with the help of WFP food assistance. In the future they will have the chance to start beating hunger by themselves.


This is Sumi. She's six and lives in Choto Omarpur, Bangladesh. She didn't attend her local primary school until WFP started providing nutritious biscuits for children there. Now her parents send her regularly and she is getting an education. If she manages to finish school, she will be much more likely to find work and be able to support herself. As a result, she - and her family - can escape the cycle of poverty and hunger.

This is Kolastica, with her three daughters. With no formal training and few resources, Kolastica used to be a subsistence farmer in Uganda. Then she took part in a WFP initiative that gave practical advice on farming and selling her produce. Now she earns 10 times as much. Helping women farmers connect to markets means they can feed their families and pass on skills that help the whole community feed itself.

This is Mylande with one of her children. She was recently widowed. She goes to a health centre regularly to pick up nutritious food from WFP for her kids. She also learns about the importance of nutrition. Providing nutritional support to vulnerable women empowers them to care for their children better and nurture a stronger next generation. Healthy children have a better chance of escaping hunger.

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