Coming Together on International Day of Peace

When an unprecedented number of families are facing conflict

From Syrian refugees to those forced to flee their homes in Yemen, children and families around the world are facing conflict -- and hunger. But because of multiple large-scale emergencies, the World Food Programme's resources are stretched thin.

Be a lifeline. Give families food and hope for more peaceful days ahead.

Donations will go to emergency operations with the greatest needs.

Food: A foundation for peace

On the International Day of Peace, WFP is joining a global effort to spotlight the role of food in creating a more peaceful world.

Through a multi-industry effort, several major companies have joined forces -- to come together for peace -- by donating digital and television time for the video above.

Why give to WFP?

WFP is on the frontline providing lifesaving food to families affected by war, conflict, and natural disasters -- feeding more people than any other humanitarian organisation.

WFP is 100% voluntarily funded, so every donation makes a difference. Your support will be immediately put to work helping to build a world with zero hunger.

How you can help

Here are 3 examples of how your donation will make an impact:

All values are shown in US Dollars.

Join us as we come together for peace. Give today.

Your support will help save lives.