You can add hope and make a difference with KFC.

Join KFC and WFP in building a better and brighter future.

WFP School Meals

Through donations from our customers, and employee giving we can have a lasting impact in the fight to end hunger globally. Your generosity will be immediately put to work by the World Food Programme to fight hunger.

This is about more than just giving a meal. It’s about working together to add hope to feed children and their families.

93.5% of every donation goes directly to help children and their families.

Add Hope: Partnering together for Zero Hunger

Add Hope’s specific support for the WFP focuses on school feeding, mother-child health and nutrition and emergency operations that provide life-saving food to those who need it most. Just $1 USD can feed four children.

Why give to WFP?

We are the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. Our global presence means we can reach those most in need, wherever they are.

Each year, WFP provides school meals to more than 18 million children, across 60 countries, often in very difficult-to-reach areas.

We’re working tirelessly to build a world with zero hunger, but we can’t reach this goal without your support today.

How you can help

Here are 3 examples:

All values are shown in US Dollars.

Join KFC and WFP in building a better and brighter future.