Give food and hope to Syrian families today

Children and their families are in desperate need.

Photo of a Syrian child

As the catastrophic conflict in Syria continues, children and their families are facing war -- and hunger. But because the World Food Programme faces a funding shortfall, we urgently need your help to reach more Syrian families and continue this lifesaving work.

Be a lifeline. Give Syrian families food and hope for more peaceful days ahead.

Your donation will go to WFP’s Syria Emergency Response.
90% of every donation goes directly to help children and their families.

Assisting Syrians in crisis

Millions of Syrians have been forced to flee their homes. Their needs are immense and urgent.

Every month, WFP reaches more than 4 million people inside Syria and 1 million refugees with food assistance.

In addition to emergency food boxes, WFP distributes school meals to children and e-cards loaded with money for families to buy food.

Why give to WFP?

Our teams are on the frontline, providing lifesaving food to people forced to flee their homes inside Syria and in neighbouring countries.

WFP is 100% voluntarily funded, so every donation makes a difference.

Your support will be immediately put to work, and 90% of every donation is put directly towards delivering food to children and their families.

How you can help

Here are 3 examples:

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Make an emergency donation for Syria today.

Your support will help save lives.