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Children and their families are in desperate need


From families facing famine in places like South Sudan and Yemen, to Syrian children who are living through war and hunger, an unprecedented number of people around the world urgently need food. But because of multiple large-scale emergencies, the World Food Programme’s resources are stretched thin.

Be a lifeline. Act now and give food to hungry children and their families.

93.5% of every donation goes directly to help children and their families.

Why give to WFP?

We are the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. Our global presence means we can reach those most in need, wherever they are.

We work around the clock, 365 days a year, delivering food in more than 75 countries. And when disaster strikes, we are often the first on the ground.

We’re working tirelessly to build a world with zero hunger, but we can’t reach this goal without your support today.

Will my donation count?

Yes. Because 93.5% of every donation goes directly towards getting food to hungry children and their families -- so you can make an incredible impact.

Each and every contribution we receive is immediately put to work.

WFP is 100% voluntarily funded, so every donation makes a difference.

How you can help?

Here are a few examples:

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Please donate today.

Your support will help save lives. Thank you.